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I had always imagined I'd become an Entrepreneur; crafting my ambitions and skills into a business, being the creator of my own destiny, and working hard to fulfill my own personal goals and successes.


Health, nutrition & fashion have always been a big aspect of my life. And I never thought I'd find a way to connect them all together!! As a Personal Lifestylist; I get to utilize all my expertise in these areas, and help others achieve their own personal goals!

A bit about my journey, and background...



My degree is in Fashion design; and my love for fashion, and unique personal style has been evident since I was a kid.

In public school wearing everyday jeans and a t-shirt was out of the question. I liked to take a different approach; sporting 80's looks from a HOT RED faded denim outfit, to fluorescent leggings - and anything else I could buy - in every colour possible, to homemade patched and ripped jeans. In my later years of public school my fashion style matured a bit; I chose classic suits and dresses over pants, and received plenty of praise from my teachers on my stylish looks. 

High school was a whole new chapter, and gave me plenty of opportunity for experimenting with different styles. From a Black Betty Boop Bob to permed and poufy; overalls, cut-off jeans and shiny patent leather shoes, to miniskirts and high heels. My hair colour and clothing styles changed constantly, and I was always trying to create my own trends; some good, some not so good ha ha. 

One style that stuck with me over the years, was my love of wearing anything with Daisy's on it. But it wasn't the actual wearing clothing with Daisy's that stuck, but the nickname Daiisy that I was given in high school because of the fact that I wore Daisy's sooooo much.

As you can tell fashion was my destiny from a young age, and when it came time to graduate high school and pick a career; I was more than ready and eager to get started on my Fashion Design Degree. I completed a three year degree at Seneca College in Toronto, and I used that opportunity to continuously push the boundaries with designs and patterns that challenged the typical way of creating; my clothing was always as unique as I am.

Well my path went in a different direction after College, and Fashion got set aside; I always knew at some point I would get back to creating and designing again. Crafting my custom cruelty free hat line has been a fun start, and I hope to continue to expand the brand into more eco friendly, and Canadian made clothing options in the future.


Similar to my love for fashion; I have always been fascinated by how food works to nourish and fuel our bodies. From a young age I started reading books on health & nutrition, and cooked a lot of my own meals. The nutrition obsession at the time was calorie counting!! I remember I had a small pocket book that noted a majority of the common foods consumed, and what that foods calorie value was; I had it pretty much memorized ha ha. It is amazing how much nutrition has evolved since then; calorie counting is a thing of the past, and we now focus on the complete functional nutritional value a food gives us. I honestly can't tell you the last time I even thought about how many calories I consume in a day.


And while nutrition has evolved; so has the way a lot of us look at the world around us, and how what we eat not only affects our bodies, but the planet and animal welfare too. Which brings us to the current nutritional change that so many people are making; to better their lives, and the life of our planet. Adopting a Vegan lifestyle is one of the hottest diet trends right now; but the reality of it is, it is not a trend or fad, or a diet that you will eventually get frustrated with and move onto the next big thing. A Vegan diet is not just a diet; it is an entire movement, a way of life that changes every decision that you make because you truly want to make a difference in the world. The fact that eating a healthy Vegan diet also makes you look and feel amazing too, is just an added bonus!!

My journey, and knowledge of Vegan diets came with the frustration and unknown of healing multiple concussions, and unexplained chronic pain from whiplash injuries associated with the concussions.


was graced with my first - diagnosed - and life changing concussion, paired with a whiplash injury in Feb of 2012. I note diagnosed; as over time the Dr's found that my prior childhood, and adult life antics had tallied up quite a few more previous concussions that I never knew I had. Thank fully. But unfortunately for me; when I had my 2012 accident concussions were not treated the way they are now. I was not given proper guidance; my prior life history was not taken into consideration, and in turn this put me on a long road to recovery. I too at the time was not as aware of the healing and health benefits available to us that typical medical practice will not recognize, promote or even suggest to help heal those with concussions or TBI's more effectively.


Years went by, and I continued to struggle with persistent symptoms on a daily bases. But the fighter in me kept pushing on, and when I realized that the Dr's had no answer's for me I started to find my own path to healing. There was no way in hell I was going to accept that my condition could possibly be permanent, and I was going to find a way to fix myself. Yes I am stubborn ha ha, but if I wasn't I don't know where I'd be today.

Because here's the dramatic twist; I sustained another concussion during my recovery, and I was back at square one. Yes you read that right another concussion before I was fully recovered, and if you are versed on concussions; then you know the impact this can have on your brain and your healing process. Not to mention your life in general.


So here I was almost four years into recovery from my first bad concussion; finally starting to see progress, getting back to a normal life, starting my own business, feeling like things are finally on the right path and then... boom, just like that I'm sucked into a pile up on the highway. My life changing in an instant, reversing all the progress and healing I had done. Starting over again, was not something I was ready to do; but again the fighter in me was too stubborn to sit back and let life pass me by. So I keep pushing... 

While I am thankful for the healing knowledge I now embrace; I wish I knew all of this many years ago, as unfortunately concussions that are not healed and treated properly do start to take a toll on your brain and body. I will now always have a battle to fight; but my mission is to be sure that others have access to natural and helpful healing regimens, to get them back on track as quickly as possible.





After several years in the business world; developing extensive skills in Administration, Marketing, Networking & Customer Service, I wanted to find a way to put these skills to use in developing my own business.

More to come...



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