My cruelty free hashtag hat line will be available Oct 2019.


You can check out the styles and colours below, and how I am supporting animal charities through every sale!!


if you would like to be notified when they finally arrive, or to pre-order; send me an email through my 


Thank you for your support, and I hope you love wearing them as much as I do!!



I have created a hat line, specially designed for those of us who want to proudly wear our hearts on our head.

As someone who loves fashion, and wanted a way to support and advocate for animal welfare and a vegan lifestyle; I found that there was a lack of stylish options available. I was looking for something edgy, something that I could wear day to day with any outfit. Something that would catch peoples attention; not only because of the message, but because the actual hat and design itself caught their eye and made them take a minute to read the message.


So I started drawing, creating and crafting... And my hat line came to life!


Each hashtag logo was carefully thought out, and hand designed by me. The actual hat creation process took a lot longer than I imagined it would; but I am very happy with the final designs, and I love wearing them! A bit biased I know ha ha.


The hashtags used are registered to my business, but I encourage and welcome everyone to use the hashtags to spread awareness, share and tag pics of you in your hats, etc.  

I hope you love the hats as much as I do!!



A big part of my inspiration for the hat line was focused on being able to use some of my profits to give back to local animal rescues, and other animal charities; or foundations that are working to change animal rights, or bring more awareness and knowledge to animal cruelty and a Vegan lifestyle.


2$ from every hat sold will go to an animal charity, foundation or rescue.


As there are so many great non profit rescues and foundations out there, it is quite a task to choose just one to help. So I try to spread the LOVE as much as I can; when I am at a festival, I choose a charity or rescue local to the festival area. The rest of the time I choose charities that I feel are making an impact in the Vegan community, and changing animal welfare; such as Animal Justice, and Rancho Relaxo.